February 27, 2007

Sarkie Kicks Ass

Did I mention that Sarkie is kicking all sorts of ass while working on USEMP?

Not only did he get iron sights working on the Magnum, he also got Jessica in-game. (Right now, the chaingunner only works with cheats on for some reason, but still...good job!)

Pictures: Chaingunner down... but at what cost?


Unknown said...

Are all the main characters going to be playable in multiplayer? :D

Man the word verification is difficult on your blog. Takes me about 3+ tries to get past.

Michael Russell said...

I know about the word verification...sorry...but you should see the amount of blog spam I get if I don't have it.

Goal is everyone, but Blade doesn't have a full animation set, so unless someone makes the animation set for us, Blade may not make it for the first cut.

Sarkie said...

My bug seems to be part of the engine :)

So I can make a dirty hack to get the machine gunner, and I'll add some other models tonight, but I'm guessing most will have the

"Gun crouch" error.

Task for tonight is SiN Based GUI.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Dirty hacks seems to be the way to go. This reminds me of when people were making hacks for Vampire the Masquerade so that you could mod it (naughty skins mostly) and well fix the bugs. There's been many unofficial patches released for it so far.