February 15, 2007


Shared QA Rant Blog: Have two volunteers, still looking for more. If you think you'd be able to rant with the best of them, shoot me an E-mail with the subject "Ranter".

Column: I sent off the first full draft of my column today. I'd tell you who the column was for, but I still haven't received the contract for the column, and I don't want to spam something that isn't going to happen.

USEMP: Spent a little time last night before heading to bed getting the groundwork for the scattergun into place, as well as starting to check into what it would take to get Blade in as a player model.

Given how easy some of this has been, I'm almost wondering how hard it would be to do a 90% reimplement of SE1 on top of Source Base so that people could get the functionality from the merge, as well as a framework for making a fan-based SE2.

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Tom said...

And it will continue to be easy right up until you try to put a button on a wall... :)