February 23, 2007

Kudos to Ferguson

I don't watch TV very often. My wife watches TV on a regular basis, and I watch "Mythbusters" when it records, but my TV viewing has scaled back significantly over the last few years. At least part of the reason behind my scaling back is that I just can't respect most of what I've been seeing on television.

On Monday, Craig Ferguson made the news by saying that he didn't want to make fun of Britney Spears because she was "vulnerable." While that was an admirable stance to take, it was the wrong portion of his talk to advertise.

Watch this video, and catch a glimpse of what is missing in American culture today.

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fds said...

I can only encourage making fun of Britney and Anne Nicole and all these other alcoholic and drug abusing celebrities.
First off, it's funny! There's no shame in that.
But most importantly, it's also a good lesson for anybody on why not to follow their lead. Do you too want to become a laughingstock? Don't do drugs then. Don't become an alcoholic. Don't drive wearing a diaper trying to abduct people.