February 13, 2007

Looking For A Few Good Ranters

One of the founding tenets of this blog was to not only share the lessons that I'd learned over my career, but to also give quality assurance a voice. Even though I may not be in quality assurance at the moment, that doesn't discount the importance of that second tenet.

So, I'm looking for a few good ranters. If you are or have been in games industry QA and wouldn't mind joining a shared blog with some other QA types, shoot me an E-mail at romsteady@gmail.com with the subject like "Ranter".

Any in-test discipline is welcome: testers, test leads, test managers, SDET's (developers in test), etc.

Two conditions:

1. Anyone who wants to join in the blog must have at least one full product cycle under their belt. (It generally takes a full cycle to dispel several of the common misconceptions about games QA.)

2. While you will be allowed to remain anonymous on the shared blog if you wish, you will not be allowed to publish confidential information in any rant.

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