February 3, 2007

WORKAROUND: Cannot Play Flash/.FLV Movies On Vista


If you go to a page that has a Flash video, you are either shown an empty box or told that you have JavaScript disabled or Flash is not installed. However, if you look in Manage Add-Ons or go to the automated installation site, Flash is installed.


1. Go to Adobe's Alternate Download site.

2. Download the Flash Player Uninstaller.

3. Close Internet Explorer.

4. Run the Uninstaller.

5. Revisit the Alternate Download site.

6. Click the appropriate link to reinstall Adobe Flash Player.

7. Say "Yes" to the Internet Explorer Add-On UAC prompt.

8. Close Internet Exporer after the "Install Successful" video plays.


Kevin said...

Interesting. Never had the problem running Vista through Parallels on my MacPro.

yili360 said...

Nice tutorial. although i have no problem with playing flv files on my windows 7, i just want to say thank you. it is useful for who is runing vista computer.
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