February 26, 2007


Since this made Ritualistic, here's the FAQ.

Q: What is USEMP?

USEMP stands for "Unofficial SiN Episodes Multiplayer." It is a Source engine mod based off of the HL2MP mod template. I'm calling it USEMP because typing out "Unofficial SiN Episodes Multiplayer" takes too damn long, and USEMP doesn't use anyone's intellectual property.

Q: Who is working on USEMP?

Right now, Sarkie and myself. Sarkie has done a metric shit-ton of work on weapons, GUI, etc. I've been working on some of the more esoteric code items (USK/US interplay, etc.)

Q: What will be required?

Alphas and betas will require that a person own both "SiN Episodes" and "Half-Life 2: Deathmatch." The final release should only require "SiN Episodes" if all goes well.

Q: Does this contain any code from "SiN Episodes?"

No. I do not have access to any "SiN Episodes" code, and I don't want it. All "SiN Episodes" assets are being linked in from their GCF's.

Q: What will the initial release contain?

Vanilla deathmatch, the three weapons, off-hand grenades, one map.

Q: What about arena mode/personal challenge system/YAUSB/etc.?

Arena mode AI and the personal challenge system are beyond the scope of this mod. Regarding the changes made for the USK version, maps will still be able to detect if the USK version of the map is playing so that they can properly swap out assets, but because the unofficial mod is not restricted by USK, people you shoot will bleed.

Q: What is the timeline?

I'm hoping to release the alpha before the end of March. That said, I've done a piss-poor job of estimating my time on this project so far so please do not take this as gospel.

Q: SDK for Germans?

I'm trying to figure out how to get around the SDK issue that plagued "SiN Episodes" as well for the Germans. The nice thing is that if I do solve this issue, the revised SDK should work for both USEMP and "SiN Episodes." I'll keep you posted.

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