February 13, 2007

Source Mod Preview

When some people slack off, others try to step up...
Unofficial SiN Episodes Multiplayer
Vertigo, with magnum
Starting with HL2MP as a base, but should not require HL2MP, only SE1. It's taking some time to wrap my head around everything because I'm used to testing in Source, not coding, but this should work out in the end. After all, I've got help.

If you want to help, reply to this post.

(Note: Right now, the mod code only works with the rest-of-world version of SE. I've almost got it working against the USK version as well, but getting it to work and still work with VAC is a trick.)


Andrew Timson said...

I'm willing to help. :) I can help with test or programming; currently I'm in college, working on a CS degree. Pretty much all of the work I've done so far has been in C++, same as the SDK.

However, I have to admit that the focus so far has generally been on small, self-contained programs with only one or three classes and their associated functions, not on developing larger projects on the scale of the SDK (and we haven't used any APIs beyond the STL). On the other hand, the bulk of the codebase exists, so I wouldn't have to design the whole thing from scratch necessarily, just fit new pieces into the framework. And I have some experience with that in PHP, as I've done additions/modifications to the code for a website I work for.

Anyways, even though I don't have much experience, I'm willing to learn as need be; I'll need to know it eventually, I can only assume. :)

Rob said...

Unfortunately, as my coding experience is limited to the easy side of HTML, I can't offer you any help.

But let me say this: Mr Russell, you are super awesome - so much so you almost rekindle my faith in mankind. Almost.

Jacob said...

I'll help with whatever I can. I've played around a bit with the unreal 2 engine, and I am the website administrator where I work and code sites in php. www.realfishing.com if you want to have a look. I pieced some already made stuff together, and programed other parts like the online store from scratch. I may not be the best suited for this project, but I'm willing to help out in anyway I can.