February 4, 2007

The Money Pit

Yesterday, I signed a lease extension down here. Today, I dreaded it.

Dognose from the Shack visited so he could eat some of my wife's fresh-cooked egg rolls as well as watch some movies. We were going to walk over to Movie Trading Company to pick up a movie to watch, and when he went to open the door, the doorknob fell off in his hand.

A very concerned dognose...
Needless to say, this apartment is falling apart, and the only reason we signed a short-term lease extension is because we haven't been able a decent place to move to that will take us because of my short-term credit rating drop because of a certain non-paying ass-clown.

But with the washer barely working, the door dry-rotting and falling apart, the edges of our drywall beginning to crack because of the foundation settling, and our low-flow toilet requiring enough flushes to give swirlies to the entire alumni of the Guildhall at SMU, we don't want to stick around here a moment longer than we have to.

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