March 1, 2007

Alienation (in 5 seconds)

First, something nice...44 movies told in approximately five seconds each...

Second, Sony's doing a great job with their strategy of alienating everyone.

Alienating employees: check.
Alienating consumers: check.
Alienating the mainstream press: check.
Alienating the blogosphere: check. (Token attempt to make up: check.)

Who's left again?

1 comment:

Okie said...

First...thanks for those vids. Absolutely awesome. Very creative and well done.

Second...let the big boys pull themselves down. I admit, there are a couple of titles that look intriguing on a PS3, but not enough to warrant buying one...not for some time. The 360 is floundering title-wise as well. The Wii is doing well, largely because of the novelty factor. Still, if Sony, MS, & Nintendo can screw themselves over enough, maybe it will lead to a real revolution where the industry cleans itself up and figures out what it needs to do to make things work more smoothly and give us better games in days to come.