March 4, 2007

A Day...

I spent most of the day trying to fix errors in USEMP and a secondary project I'd been working on without much success on either, so when I decided to check the Shack before going to bed, I got a little bit upset about a post on piracy. (Gee, go figure...)

So, I lost it a bit. (Warning: my language is a bit coarser than normal.)

Read the other posts in the'll realize that we've lost.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately though, the immediate reply to such a rant would be (and is, according to some of the replies): "make something we WANT to buy; a good game will be successful regardless of piracy." Of course, a good game will be pirated up the wazoo, but the argument is that legit sales will offset this to result in a financial success.

There's also the argument that piracy is here to stay, it's an EXPECTED part of our industry, and as such there's bugger-all that can be done without fucking the legit customers. Hence, it's a waste of energy to be picky about it, because you simply can't win. You never could, not against the lure of "free".