March 7, 2007


First off, the final version of the Visual Studio 2005 SP1 Update for Windows Vista is out. Go get it if you've been running Vista like me and having issues with VS2005.

Second, made a couple of "final" posts as Ritual-MikeR over at the SteamPowered forums. Next posts by me over there will be as RomSteady once they approve my account.

Third, the rest of the USEMP team has been pretty busy (as you can see here). Most of my crap has been under the covers...for the stuff that really gets your gears turning, thank Sarkie and FrostedBytesCereal.

Fourth, I've got six volunteers for the shared QA blog. I've got a couple of minor tasks left that need to be handled before I can "launch" it, but it shouldn't be too long now.

Fifth, planning on visiting Utah sometime around the end of June or early July for a few days.

Sixth, there is no item six.

Seventh, I'm going to try to relax a bit more over the next month or so. I've been extremely stressed lately because of some non-public goings-on, and it's been showing in my interactions here on the net.

Finally, Crackdown's orb collection is like crack. I've got five green and fifty-eight blue left to find... (I wonder if seven and eight are related...)


Okie said...

As to item sure to give enough notice for a fun filled reunion lunch (maybe a BBQ depending on how things look and if somebody is willing/able to host)

Sarkie said...

I could host if you like

and regarding Six :

Red Paint covered in Bunnies