August 22, 2006

[XNA] Hosting

I've been contemplating providing AdSense-supported hosting for XNA projects starting in September.

The only restrictions I can see right now would be under 50Mb total (in keeping with the Arcade MU ideal), nothing pornographic, no "borrowed" content from commercial titles, and your project pages would have to have a Google AdSense banner (like I have at the top of my page) at the top of the page.

Would there be any interest in this? If so, please leave a comment on this post so I can gauge interest.


Sarkie said...

I'd rather click on a link that interested me, than finding out I can buy 3000 yellow ducks from Korea.


and XNA is rather interesting, but so are naked models.

So make your choice :)

Morgan said...

You'd probably do better with subscription-based XNA project hosting, and then create services and solutions that differentiate your business.

What added value from AdSense-supported hosting would be perceived by customers? Sure, free hosting, but price is not a factor of differentiation.