August 16, 2006

[Personal] Mid-life

Well, I've officially hit mid-life. The dreaded sixth bit. &H20 (or for the rest of the languages, 0x20).

Lessons learned:
  • Even if you learn from the past, there may be times when you are forced to repeat it.
  • Trying to hold on to a sliver of a hope that people have at least a little bit of ethics is nothing more than lying to yourself.
  • Evidently, aggression combined with intolerance can conceal incompetence inside Microsoft once you've reached middle management.
  • Criminals will be brazenly open as long as you don't talk about their crimes.
  • Someone has to take responsibility...may as well be me.
There are others, but I have to get to work.


Sarkie said...

32 is mid life?

40 is mid life.


before you start complaining

Michael Russell said...

If you think of it, each new bit is a real point of passage in life. Take communication for example:

Bit 1: You start to learn what words mean, even if you can't say words.
Bit 2: You can communicate with a few words, "No" being the primary one.
Bit 3: You can communicate using sentences.
Bit 4: You can maintain healthy relationships with people.
Bit 5: You can start to maintain sexual relationships with people.
Bit 6: You can maintain healthy sexual relationships with people.
Bit 7: Sex doesn't really matter anymore, it's just the relationships.
Bit 8: The only relationship you have left is with God, and the only question you are asking is "Why won't you let me die!?!"

Sarkie said...

no sex then?

Morgan said...

Aggression combined with intolerance can conceal incompetence anywhere, except for environments in which immediate action is undertaken to remove undesirable elements of a team for, at least, the sake of productivity, and then ultimately workplace safety.