August 8, 2006

[Personal] Guard Bunnies

Xbox guarded by Bun-Bun, Ryo-Ohki wearing the Fez of Gaming Power, the Monty Python bunny, and Lain...I have nothing to fear.
(click for larger version)

I keep my original launch team Xbox at the office. Obviously, something like that requires crack security.

So, I've got Ryo-Ohki, the most dangerous space pirate ever to grace the small screen, powered-up by the Fez of Gaming Power; Bun-Bun, psycho bunny with a switchblade; the small white rabbit from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail;" and Lain from "Serial Experiments: Lain" all on guard.

I have nothing to fear.


Sarkie said...

A "Certificate" of Marriage, like it's an achievement :) In Uk its a license like keep your woman under control, and don't drive her under the influence. :)

Michael Russell said...

Another couple of months, and I'll have been married for 12 years.

In this day and age, that *IS* an achievement. (grin)