August 14, 2006

[GameDev] XNA Framework

By now, I'm sure you've all heard about XNA Game Studio Express. While I'm happy that some information is coming out, I'm concerned about a few items.

For example:

  • The XNA Framework SDK is only going to come with XNA Game Studio Express and XNA Game Studio Professional according to the FAQ. Seems like a waste and a half for those of us who already own a higher version of Visual Studio 2005 than the Express Editions. It also scares me to have the SDK tied to the development tool.
  • Last year, when I was speaking with some of the guys up at GameFest, some of the design decisions behind XACT seemed to be in place to specifically discourage modding, but I don't know what changes to XACT have occurred since then.
  • While I understand the decision to not allow Live connectivity on the 360 side of things for the Express Edition, I'm worried that not even System Link connectivity seems to be included.

That said, I'm going to reserve my judgment until I see the tools. It's quite possible that my concerns are not justified. While I wish I could be up at GameFest this year so that my questions can be answered in person, I'll just have to wait for the tool and see for myself.

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Okie said...

I like the idea of having "homebrew" and cheap Indie games getting out there. My concern is more from a consumer standpoint....that of how to separate the gems from the garbage. I'm also curious as to the deployment process of these titles. Will they have to go through the full MS Certification? Will they just be publicly available on the Net somewhere?
What sort of protection for potential 'hacks' is MS prepared for? How safe will these games truly be?