August 30, 2006

[Personal] Vista Pre-RC1

With the imminent release of XNA Studio Express Edition, I decided that I'd rather mess with it at work and installed Windows Vista Pre-RC1 on my home machine last night.

Aside from it not detecting my Audigy 2 ZS out of the .ISO and a goofy video driver crash when playing a 720x480 WMV9 video over the network, it's been rock stable and fairly performant. Most GDI and GDI+ apps are performing better than they do on XP. Game testing starts tonight.

Task switching is pretty nifty as well...

I'm running 32-bit right now, but plan on installing 64-bit when Vista hits RC1.

1 comment:

Seawolf said...

Hell yeah brotha.
Welcome to the new world.

...I don't plan on installing it til RC1 hits to save myself the trouble, but then I've been reinstalling every ten minutes it seems like o.O O.o O.O _._