August 4, 2006

[Personal] Woe PMC

My Zen Portable Media Center died in December. I finally got it back from warranty service in March. On my way home, it died in the exact same fashion as last time.

At this point, I really don't want to buy another Creative Labs product again. I really liked my Zen PMC because of how well it worked for what I needed it to do. Unfortunately, it's also really good at breaking on a regular basis for no apparent reason whatsoever.

I don't want an iPod Video. As "nifty" as they may look, I don't like having to double-dip for my content. I've already spent more than enough money "single-dipping" for my content, thank you very much.

So anyway, I'm in the market for a decent portable video player that won't break, works with standard video formats including Windows Media 9 (transcoding okay as long as it's automatable), has a decent video life (loved the 8-10 hour battery on this baby), and a nice size screen.


Morgan said...

Laptop + DC/AC adapter = Optimal choice.

Michael Russell said...

True, but there is something to be said for having something that can fit in your pocket...

Kevin said...

When will people learn?!?
I'm just sayin... (I think you know what I'm sayin ;))

So, maybe you were thinking you would wait for the Zune. Ha! I just read a rumour that M$ has postponed video for the Zune to a later release. Doh! That would suck if it's true. However, my guess is that maybe not rev 1 but by rev 3 or 4 M$ will have something that will mostly fit your parameters. Then you can start bitching about you Zune dying on you multiple times or some other bug that won't let you watch the video you wanted to watch when you wanted to watch it etc.
You know what they say about V1 products from M$! Watch out!
Good luck finding something that you'll be happy with. If you would just give in and come over to the 'light' side you might be much much happier ;) IMHO.