August 17, 2006

[Games] When Memes Go Too Far

I'm a frequent forum-goer over at ShackNews as Ritual-MikeR. Not only do they have a decent amount of original content, they also do a good job of aggregating content from other sites, and they seem to have a fairly hardcore userbase.

Recently, a bit of a meme has been going on at the Shack regarding Dallas-based game developers...seems we're all alike. It started with someone asking 3D Realms to patch "SiN Episodes." It then regressed into every Dallas game developer working on every other Dallas game developer's game. The fact that we were working with id Software on the Quake IV 1.3 patch further solidified the meme.

Well, at least at IGN, the meme has finally gone too far. (Screencap below for posterity.)
Ritual working on Prey 1.1 patch
At least at the moment, we have nothing to do with Prey, although given the level of coincidences in this industry, give it a week and we might.


Seawolf said...

That's pretty funny, heh heh heh

Tale said...

I didn't know 3D Realms was down here, too. Dallas is not only the birthplace of violent videogaming, it is also still its home apparently.