August 15, 2006

[Misc] Guard Lizard

Small lizard above my front doorIt's rather odd what the severe heat down here in Texas will do.

For example, the heat has driven a local lizard to hang out above my front door.

I figure if I don't bother it, it won't bother me. If I'm really lucky, it'll act as a guard lizard and attack any intruders.

Of course, I'm not expecting to be really lucky. For all I know, this is one of JT's spies. After all, they're both cold-blooded...

Of course, neither one has subpoenaed me...yet. Time to count my blessings...or just count down the time. Either way, I get to work with more numbers. Woohoo!


Tale said...

New to Texas? Born and raised around Dallas and if you've got only one gecko, you're lucky. When I was a kid we'd find swarms of them surrounding the door on our porch. They don't come inside too often. And they're harmless.

Morgan said...

There are geckos in Texas!?
— Southern Californian

I vacationed in Hawaii/Oahu several years ago. The gecko was on the car window, so I let the gecko crawl on me. Then he realized what he was doing and leaped off my head into the grass.

I love geckos. They're so cool!

I'm a little kid again when it comes to geckos... toads and other lizards. :)