August 17, 2006

[Piracy] Search Queries

Just for the hell of it, lets take a look at the piracy-related search queries that have hit my site for the last 24 hours, shell we?
  • beach head 1983 rom

Okay, starting out with a title that's been out of print for 23 years...

  • copy titan quest
  • copying titan quest
  • titan quest copy protection
  • titan quest pirated copy
  • titan quest secure rom

...and moving to a title I had nothing to do with.

  • costs of piracy
  • game piracy blog
  • piracy on blogger
  • rom piracy
  • the cost of piracy to microsoft
  • the hidden cost piracy

...People looking for my article, or for pirated software blogs. Not sure which.

  • diablo 2 easyplay 3.1

...No idea how in the Hell this one got to me, but as far as I can tell, it's a hacking tool that people are using in relation to

  • download paintbrawl extreme 4 the game for pc free

...I'd laugh at the idiocy of this person if I had the strength. The first game was atrocious. Looks like this one was just as bad.

  • download windows mce 2005.iso
  • windows media center 2005.iso
  • windows xp professional cd 2
  • xp professional cd 2

...Or you could just buy it from

  • filesystem_steam.dll exploit
  • how do you steal people s steam id
  • steam piracy

...No, won't help you hack our distribution network, sorry.

  • film free download

...Glad to know that pirates aren't just limited to games.

  • how to find out who stole you steam

...Sorry, man, you'll have to contact Valve for that one.

  • game boy roms free no bulshit
  • katamari damacy rom
  • katamari rom
  • tenchi muyo rom download

...And now we're into console piracy. Joy.

  • larry leisure magnum cum laude free iso
  • larry leisure suit rom
  • leisure suit larry magna cum laude rom

...It's been two years since I played this game, but you'd be amazed how many people come here looking for the pirated copy. I get about 300 queries related to this per month. It's sickening. Of course, if they're that desperate to get it online...

  • playing dungeon siege from an iso image

...People seem to love looking for workarounds and cracks.

  • provision sin
  • provision warez

...Well, since they've stopped contacting me directly asking for tech support, I guess they've had to go underground looking for support. Hey, assholes...the game is only $15. Just buy the fucking thing.

  • radek submarine sin
  • sin bug radek
  • sin emergence bug radek cutscene
  • sin episode 1 emergence fix
  • sin episode 1 fix glitch
  • sin episode 1 patch
  • sin episode submarine bug
  • sin episodes bug fix
  • sin episodes bug radek provision
  • sin episodes cracked stuck radek
  • sin episodes crash bug
  • sin episodes emergence patch provision
  • sin episodes filesystem_steam.dll problem
  • sin episodes fix
  • sin episodes fix radek
  • sin episodes patch pirated
  • sin episodes provision
  • sin episodes radek submarine
  • sin episodes stop submarine
  • sin episodes stuck in submarine
  • sin episodes stuck u4 lab
  • sin episodes submarine bug
  • sin episodes submarine stuck
  • sin episodes u4 base
  • sin episodes u4 lab bug fix
  • sin episodes u4 lab stop after radek
  • sin episodes u4 laboratory fix
  • sin episodes u4 laboratory solutions
  • sin episodes warez
  • sin pach
  • sin patch
  • sin stuck submarine radek
  • stuck in laboratory in sin episode

...Funny, I wonder what bugs were fixed in the first patch that are getting people are so anxious to get fixed?

  • visual sourcesafe 2005 warez

...And as you can see, we can't even trust most developers to actually purchase the tools that they use. Whee. If you're desperate enough to use SourceSafe, man, look at Subversion.

Yeah, it's discouraging to look at what people search for sometimes. At least nobody has come here looking for a way to kill his wife yet.

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