December 27, 2004

T-3.5 Days And Counting

Well, here's my schedule for this week.

Monday. Update the links page on my site. Finish up my final work project by creating a reporting system for my custom-built inventory responsibility system. Tonight, I get the remainder of my DVD's back and return the only game I've borrowed in recent history.

Tuesday. My department is holding a farewell lunch at Red Robin.

Wednesday. I clean off my desk. Anyone who knows me will know that this is at least an 8-hour job.

Thursday. It's a half-day at work, and also my final day at work. I'll probably spend the entire morning bringing home all of my books. Someone will be coming over in the afternoon to talk to us about

Friday. I pack up the remaining electronics and whatnot and ensure that everything I'm taking with me will fit into the two totes I'm checking for luggage. (The totes are see-through and have multiple locations to add zip-tie locks to secure them.)

Saturday. Last full day with the wife, so I'm going to try to spend as much time together with her as possible. I'll also prepare all of my bills that have to be mailed in my absense next week.

Sunday. My flight leaves Salt Lake International Airport at 4:52pm. I'll be in Texas shortly after 8:00pm local time. (Assuming all goes well, anyway) I'll be staying at the AmeriSuites on North Lamar Street in Dallas, less than half a block from my new tribal center.

Due to the move and whatnot, I cannot guarantee that I'll be able to post until at least January 4. Just warning everyone ahead of time. Also, I'm going to be under an NDA, so unless the project I'm working on becomes public, my lips (and for this site, my fingertips) are going to be sealed.

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