December 8, 2004

Place your bets...

Tonight is the inaugural meeting of the Davis/Weber .NET Users Group. I'm pretty happy that this is happening for the most part.

I started working towards this back in September, back when it seemed like I was going to remain at the city for at least another 18-24 months. Even though I knew the people involved personally and professionally, it was rather slow going.

We finally got the OK in mid-November for the group, but the promised PR was nowhere to be seen. So, I started doing PR myself. I put up fliers at Weber State University. I posted to local message boards. Using Scoble's PubSub thingie, I even managed to get it onto Scoble's link blog. (Hey, if you've got a tool I can exploit, I'll find a way to exploit it!) Finally, an E-mail went out last night.

Anyway, we've got a great speaker and an excellent location, but minimal PR and all of the E-mails I've been receiving today have been, "Great to finally have a Davis users group. Won't be there tonight, though."

So it is time to place your bets. How many people do you think will show up tonight? The room's capacity is ~75, and I've got seating set up for ~20.

Do you think that we'll have:

a) 0-10;
b) 11-20;
c) 21-40;
d) 41-60;
e) 61-75;
f) more than 75?

Results will be posted tonight after the meeting.

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