December 22, 2004

Insane Clown Pricing

I went to Expedia last week to try to price my tickets for my one-way flight to Dallas, Texas on January 2. The best price I could find was $358, but I couldn't pay until today.

I went back to Expedia today and paid $855.09 for my ticket...nearly a $500 price premium due to my date of payment. On the upside, I shaved $30 off the price of my hotel stay that night. [blech]

I'm just hoping I can get reimbursed for my airfare on day one...


Anonymous said...

Did you get a driver's license? How will you get around in Texas?

Michael Russell said...

My apartment is less than a block away from the local commuter rail system.

The rail system drops me off a block and a half away from the office.

Although here's a laugh: I can get a moped driver's license in Texas without taking a driver's test. I only need to take a written test, and it's mine.

Don't worry...if I take the test and pass, you'll have several days notice to clear out of Dallas and the surrounding areas. [grin]