December 28, 2004

Location Nation, What's Your Station?

Until you start updating your physical location in web profiles, you never realize exactly how many places store your location.

That's probably the weirdest part of cyberspace for me. While I maintain several points of cyberpresence (my blog and my domain are good examples), I still feel a strong bond to my physical locale. While my online actions define in large part who I am, I still need that reassurance as to where I am.

It's essentially the five W's from journalism: who, what, where, when and why.

So, let's try starting a bit of a meme here. (Maybe if I'm lucky, this will be my final link from Scoble...given that I doubt that a video game test lead will be of much interest to the vast majority of his readers.)

Who are you?: My name is Michael Russell.
What are you?: I am currently a programmer for Layton City Corporation, but starting January 3, I'll be the Lead Tester for Ritual Entertainment.
Where are you?: Sitting in the basement of the City Main Offices in Layton, Utah.
When are you?: I'm in my 30th year of life, 10th year of marriage, and 4th year of home ownership.
Why are you?: I exist to find problems and the solutions to those problems.

So, what are your answers to the 5 W's?

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