December 30, 2004


I used to think that nothing would piss me off more than spam. I was wrong.

Lately, I've been being inundated with "referral spam." Since Blogger is pretty good about keeping the comment spammers off, I've been okay with that, but I've been getting hammered with ads in my referral logs. Since I don't have TrackBacks, I have the brain image on every page of my site and I track my referrals through that image.

I'm not going to type out the exact URL's that I get redirected to when I follow these referrals (remove the [ ]'s if you want them), but web[ ]dev[ ] is one (refers as aizzo[dot]com/blog_posts). i[ ]start[ ] is another spammer that tries to send me to a dating service site.[ ]it[ ] tries to look like a search engine (www[dot]makeindex[dot]com).

So, to those who would do the referral spam thing, let me make one thing perfectly clear. The people who read their referral logs are generally technically savvy. Tricking them into going to another site is not going to make them buy from you. Instead, it's just going to piss them off.

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