December 16, 2004

A Requiem For Access

Well, it's official now: Take Two Interactive purchased Indie Game Studio (formerly Access Software).

I'm not sure exactly what Take Two got out of this besides the studio. According to Microsoft's trademarks page, Microsoft still owns the "Amped" trademark, the "Links" and "Links Extreme" trademarks and the "Tex Murphy" trademark.

However, the development, art and test staff may be enough. The team had been working on Xbox Next technology prior to their purchase, and given how hard the team has been able to push the standard Xbox hardware, there's a good chance that they'll find a way to bring Xbox Next to its knees.

Oh, and one tip for Take Two: this studio is located in Utah, so you should only plan on six workdays in a week, not seven like in some other game development companies.

Update: Here is a link to their official statement.

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