December 8, 2004

Scoble's Reach

Evidently, the Wasatch Front repels Scoble's link blog.

I'd been advertising the Davis/Weber .NET Users Group meeting for the better part of three weeks now. I even managed to sneak it onto Scoble's link blog a few times by judicious use of the almightly blog hog's name.

We had 10 people tonight, including the presenter. Of those, two were invited guests of the speaker. The remainder found out about it from a last minute E-mail from the head of the Utah .NET Users Group.

Nobody saw the fliers I put up at Weber. Nobody saw any of my forum posts. Nobody saw Scoble's link...not even the MS guy who was there!

So, Scoble, knock yourself down a peg, because there is at least one place that is immune to your RSS tendrils: Davis County in Utah.

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