June 3, 2006

[Sin] Next Few Weeks

This blog may go anywhere from dim to completely dark for the next couple of weeks starting on Monday.

The code side of the next update to "SiN Episodes: Emergence" is getting delivered to test next week, and I really need to focus on it. While most of the issues are corner-case bug fixes (like every once in a while, depending on where you were standing, the security bots would be invincible), there's also some new stuff that we're really going to have to pour over...

But for this weekend, no "SiN" for me. I'm home recovering from some nasty side effects of my new allergy medication. I've got one of my guys handling the tech forums for me so I can rest and recuperate. The only reason I'd have to go in this weekend is if there's a major issue that crops up with YAUSB...and no, I'm not saying what that means.