May 31, 2006

[Personal] The Boundaries Have Been Breached

I've been a pretty open person in the forums and in this blog. I try my best to help people, to answer people's questions, and in general to be a decent member of the digital communities that I exist in.

However, there are some lines that I'm going to have to draw based off of circumstances that have occured over the last forty-eight hours.

I will not be responding to any work-related E-mails to my home account. If you have a question related to work, please go to the forums at and post there.

I will continue to answer questions via Messenger, but on a limited basis only, and only when I'm set to "Online," not "Busy" or "Away." I have work to do, and the constant IM pop-ups tend to reduce my productivity.

Finally, visits to my home are strictly out-of-bounds. To the gentleman that I passed this morning who was looking for my house, I hope you didn't find it.

I want to be of as much help as possible, but I have to put these limits out there to not only ensure a base level of service, but to also protect my family.


Seawolf said... ugh

Andrew Timson said...

Aye de mi. I don't blame you a bit. Family had to come first, no matter what.

Seawolf said...

I got EMP mines, landmines, turrets, and I can get satellite surveillance if ya want em, but the satlink is third party so I can't vouch for the prices.

(heheh, yeah right :) )

Anyway, I assume I'm not buggin ya too much. Have fun :)

Morgan said...

Why would someone be looking for your house? That seems odd.

Francesco Poli said...

Mines? Turrets? Who needs all that?

I just sleep with a good ol' S&W .357 Magnum on the bedrest. Been sleeping better since I started to do that, and going off to the range weekly tends to scare off the weirdos.

Seawolf said...

Well, since it was a joke, ya know. I tend to overkill on the irony, and it's fitting considering the games we all play. :)