May 30, 2006

[Games] Haiku Review: Tomb Raider: Legend (Xbox 360)

If the ending to
Halo 2 made you angry
Do not play this game

Great game, but damn, the ending pissed me off as much as the ending to "XIII."


Dave / Sarkie said...

XIII dev's thought they'd make a sequel :)

and thanks but I still need to get it, i loved the demo :P

Okie said...

Aw...come on, the ending wasn't THAT bad. While it didn't fulfill all of my desires for the game, the ending itself does leave things open for more to come, which makes me happy considering Legend actually did a good job with the franchise IMO. I wish the ending would have had a little more meat to it and perhaps gone a little farther, but I did find the concept intriguing and liked the way it helped bring you back to the beginning.