May 12, 2006

[TV] CSI Web Puzzle

By now, I'm sure that a lot of you have seen this web clue puzzle for the season finale of "CSI."

I've only found a few "interactive" clues in the picture...
  • Hovering over the backwards "PLAY" replaces the picture with the word "DEAD."
  • Hovering over Sara's picture causes her head to turn.
  • Hovering over Grissom's head causes him to turn to look at the body, and causes a crack in the window in the door in the back to vanish. It looks like he has a piece of paper in his left pocket.
  • Hovering over one of the casinos in the background causes that casino to vanish.
So what else am I missing from the picture besides the person being shot looking like Brass?

(Sorry, I needed a brief break from tracking down bug repros...)

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