May 4, 2006

[Industry] ESRB Examples (May not be work-safe)

I'm trying to get approval to post the ESRB submission materials I used for the resubmission of "SiN," but in light of the "Oblivion" re-rating, I'm going over my submission materials, trying to double-check and make sure I didn't miss anything.

Violence was pretty straightforward for "SiN," but the "Sexuality" section was really funky to write, because you never know what people are going to think is suggestive or sexual in nature.

Some items are fairly straightforward...
Elexis Sinclaire, your main adversary through the game, has overly exaggerated breasts.

In the Mansion level, Elexis has turrets that look like giant metal penises. She also has a drawer in her bedroom that contains a non-interactive picture of marital aids.
Others, not so much...
In the end credits, there is a picture of one of the company owners kissing the boot of a woman dressed as Elexis. The same credit slide shows one of the other company owners taking a nap with an inflatable sheep.
Others only make sense if you can read badly pixelated text...
There is a milk carton with the badly pixelated text "100% BULL" above the word "MILK."
...or if you know what is supposed to be being said...
During the cutscene between Chapter 5 and Chapter 6, Blade is woozy from being beaten up. Elexis is taunting him, and he replies with slurred speech, "Bit meh flock ouee fargin' bit," but people can infer the actual meaning of "Bite my cock, you fucking bitch."
"Language" was another interesting one to write. I disclosed everything from...
We have one texture with the words "Fuck You" written in American Sign Language on a posting on a bulletin board.
During our opening cutscene, two criminals are talking about a policeman that they shot, saying "That's nothin' compared to last week. I shot this cop in the head…he never even saw it coming."
If you try to open a closed port-a-potty door, a voice can say, "Hey, I'm in here, wait your turn asshole."
So, for those of you who read my blog who have created these packets before? What's the strangest thing you've ever disclosed to the ESRB? My strangest:
We have several warning signs scattered around the world showing stick figures being injured.

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