May 29, 2006

[Personal] The Mark Of Shame

I remember every bug I ever let slip through without my knowledge. Bugs like allowing a malformed player-created image to crash "Links Extreme," or a weird multiplayer handshake bug that bit a couple of guys with "Microsoft Golf 2001 Edition."

At least with those, both involved unsupported behavior.

For "SiN Episodes," the personal challenge bug was perhaps the worst bug that I've ever let slip, I've ordered myself a wearable "mark of shame." After all, anytime a T-shirt is made available advertising not only the existence of, but the nature of your bug, it's a valid "mark of shame."

I've already instituted some policies to stop a bug like this from getting out again, but subtle reminders like this never hurt.


Francesco Poli said...

I'll have to get me one of those shirts, too. :-)

Man, I can't believe I let that silly statistics screen coax me into finishing the game without cheating...

Robert Gibson said...

Does it come in a long-sleeved version?