May 13, 2006

[Personal] The 360 Cometh...

When I got off of work today from working on the patch for "SiN Episodes: Emergence," I stopped by EBGames and dropped almost $700 on something I'm not going to really use until Thursday...I bought an Xbox 360.

Being tech support is stressful. Working on a patch with a limited timeframe for release (Wednesday is our target, so we have to have the patch really done by Monday afternoon so we can send it up) is even more stressful.

So, I picked up an Xbox 360, an extra controller, 1600 Microsoft Points, "Dead or Alive 4," "Perfect Dark: Zero," a copy of "SiN Episodes" (hey, I bought the third copy on Steam, but I wanted a box as well), and a few other miscellaneous items...they're going to be my reward on Thursday for making it through this stressful period.

That way, once the patch is out, I can hopefully take a day off (working non-stop for two weeks tends to wear on one) and beat some shit up.

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