June 20, 2006

[Insider] WW3

I just received a ShackMessage from a certain someone at a certain game company saying that I started World War III by suggesting a certain "Oh Snap!" Easter egg in "SiN Episodes: Emergence."

And to think that my parents didn't think I'd amount to anything... (grin)

Again, sorry, G.

(edit: The above comment was said to me as a joke...as far as I could tell. I don't expect stormtroopers to infiltrate Ritual's offices and force me to be the first against the wall as the revolution comes.)


Jobye said...

Hehe George Broussard! They just caught up on that how hah? Oh man! It's gonna be an e-war with 3D Realms...Oh Snap!

Seawolf said...

Hey! You shot me! **** that, I'm just a temp worker.

Err, yeah. Sign me up for the mercs needed in this upcoming war. ;)