June 10, 2006

[SiN] Progress...

YAUSB was FedEx'ed off on Thursday. (No, YAUSB is not Arena Mode, Multiplayer or the merged codebase.)

I finally managed to reproduce this stupid "save game corruption" bug that we've had a couple of people report. Scary thing is that it looks like it occurs when another process tries to access the save game as soon as the file is created but before the save game is done being written out. For me, it was my virus scanner that trigerred the bug. I don't know if there is any way that we can fix that one or diagnose the cause for everyone... Looks like the only workaround is to try to save multiple times in succession. You can tell if your savegame was bitten if, after you save, you bring up the "Load Game" dialog. If your last save game shows up as a black box, you got bitten.

The merged code is getting closer to being ready for full-blown testing. There is one visual effect left that needs to be fixed before I can send it out for config testing. There are many more problems that we're going to have to work out before it gets released, but progress is being made.

I'll be at the "Getting Started in the Industry" panel at A-Kon today at 4pm.

(Unrelated note: The June 2006 DirectX SDK was released today.)

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