June 6, 2006

[Misc] 6-6-06, YAUSB, A-Kon

Satan Sells Out: Opinion: As of 6/6/06, Satan is officially lame, ruined by advertising.

This is what I woke up to this morning when I checked the front page at MSNBC.COM.

Wow. I don't even know where to start with this one.

YAUSB should be done today (Tom, the "USB" in this instance stands for three words, one of which is an acronym), so the rest of the week can be spent on Arena Mode.

Of course, I'll be out of the office on Friday for A-Kon, but I have faith that my QA team can function without me.


Okie said...

Totally off topic here, I just wanted to say that I was excited to read Tycho's brief blurb on Sin Ep1. He had some cool things to say.

I've only just started playing it...well, ok, so I'm "about" to start playing it (i'm only as far as the main menu), but so far I must say I'm digging the soundtrack is it plays over my shoulder behind me. :)

JobyeK said...

Hmmm...U...UBER...engine? I think that's what it was called right? Your new DX10 engine.

Michael Russell said...

Has nothing to do with the DirectX 10 engine.