January 24, 2007


That's why.

No comment.


Rob said...

Casual games.

Please tell me this is a big joke.

FoolsGold said...


Well, that's it then.

Okie said...


So, I understand what you mean when you say "why", but I don't see the bigger corporate "why" answer. This just seems like a super strange melding. It's like apples and oranges.

FoolsGold said...

Read this okie:


It's the people involved that are the reason for the move.

Jason said...

“MumboJumbo(TM) established the casual games category at retail, and the purchase of Ritual Entertainment(TM) is consistent with our strategy to bring high-quality casual game content to the major platforms,”

Yeah...because when I think of bringing high-quality casual games, I think "hey, let's buy Ritual". Amazing.

Droid said...

Levelord(TM) soon to be BreakoutCloneBrickLayoutLord(TM).

Please, please, please post your opinion on this Michael.

How can working on the next version of Zuma or whatever be fulfilling for anyone who signed up with a company that makes hardcode first person shooters?

Michael Russell said...

It's going to take me a few days not only to digest what has been going on, but look at the various interviews and what not to know what I'll actually be able to say about any of this...hence the "no comment."

That said, there is more information about "SiN" in another interview.