January 25, 2007

Contracts, Industry, Timeout

I always dread contract negotiations.

Right now, I'm in negotiations, trying to work out an acceptable start date for insurance, trying to ensure that I'll still be able to do games industry contract work on the side (position is out of the industry, and there are some people I'd like to be able to help out if I can), and all the while trying not to mess up and let the position slip through my fingers.

Looks like I'll be playing industry ping-pong again, though. I went from a games retail manager to an IT manager to a game tester to a government programmer to a QA manager and now to a business dev position. Who knows... in two to three years, I may be back in the industry in some capacity or other.

In the meantime, I'm hoping to use my time out to not only recharge, but to catch up on my education and go through some of my game backlog (right now, I'm hovering at around 180 games in my purchased backlog). I'll still be sharing anecdotes about my time on the inside, though...one day, I may tell the whole story behind "Postmortem #1" or talk a bit more about what it's like to test a AAA product with a five-figure test budget. After all, these are the stories you never hear about...

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