January 29, 2007

Anti-Virus and Vista

At home, I'm now using Windows Vista Business on my primary rig. I'm also using AVG Anti-Virus.

I'm getting a weird issue when I'm browsing using IE7, where the entire shell (except for the mouse pointer) will become unresponsive for one to two seconds while I'm visiting a page with either a lot of HTML or a lot of images, and I'm thinking it might be AVG that's causing it...

Has anyone else encountered these pauses, and if so, have you found a workaround/solution?

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stuart said...

I have them same issue, but not just when viewing webpages, i have a lot of stored media on this PC (above 1 Tb) across 7 Hard Drives, and they read constantly, not all of them at once, but some of them some of the time, im using the realease candidate, i was hoping it would be fixed in the full version.