January 10, 2007

Welcome "Blogs of Note"

Evidently, I'm now the "Blog of Note" for the day from Blogger's "Blogs of Note" blog.

Welcome to the circus. For the stuff that really brought me the visitors, check out the archives for May 2006 through December 2006.

A couple of highlights:

February 2, 2005: Top 10 signs you are dating a tester
February 6, 2006: Guess which game is really causing damage...
May 17, 2006: Post-mortem of the first major issue found by the public in "SiN Episodes: Emergence"
June 22, 2006: The "hidden cost" of software piracy
November 27, 2006: Observations about QA at Sony

Browse around, and hopefully you'll see something you like.

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Renegade said...

Congrats! Great Blog!

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