January 22, 2007

Agenda For Week

Today: Part 6 of the SiN USK stuff is nearly done. I just need to go through and edit out most of my profanities. The "applied forces" changes actually make me angrier than any of the others, then I'm going to flip a coin to see if I'm going to run it here, or send it over to Ritualistic.

Tuesday/Wednesday: I have to find a little time to get to the store so I can do some birthday shopping for Yvonne, who turns 55 on Thursday.

Thursday: If you have to ask, look at the previous sentence.

Friday: By Friday, I should know about Redmond definitively, so I can then sit down and decide on where I'm going to be in the future. The sad thing is that the more I've thought about it, the more that staying in Dallas is winning. Doing core architecture work isn't all that fun, but it is challenging. It's a type of challenge I haven't had in a few years... Of course, being able to afford annual vacations back to Utah and Seattle wouldn't hurt.

Saturday: I hope to go see a movie that isn't anywhere near as depressing as "Pan's Labyrinth" was. (For the anime buffs out there, think "Grave of the Fireflies" with a dash of "Spirited Away," with some "End of Evangelion" cruelty and overall mindfuck mixed in for flavor.)


R2K said...

: )

Mob said...

Damn. That's disappointing about Pan's Labyrinth. I was looking forward to that. But after seeing Curse of the Golden Flower last weekend, I think I'm with you. No more depressing movies for a while.