January 10, 2007


Well, I currently have three choices as far as where to go with my career...and I need to make a choice in the next ten days.

Choice #1 is move to Redmond and work for a games company that I've discussed quite a bit in this blog.

Choice #2 is move to Salt Lake City and work for a financial services company. I received an offer for this position today, with a follow-up offer that included limited relocation assistance.

Choice #3 is stay where I'm at. I was told last week that unless I have any objections, they're planning on converting the contract to a permanent hire before the end of the month.

#3 pays more than #2, I'm unsure how it compares to #1, #2 puts me closer to friends and family, #1 keeps me in games, all three involve me coding, but #1 has me doing the least amount of coding of the three. #2 and #3 are definite, #1 would involve one final interview.


Anonymous said...

I recall you saying in a previous blog entry that you had become "weary of working on games", so if that's still the case I'd imagine #1 can be crossed off fairly easily.

tarzan said...

What I found most helpful was to pick a company those work environment is complimentary to my personality and work style and of course people that I get good vibes from at the interview. I got a good feeling that I could work with them well and I have. I generally like to work in an environment where I get to put on many hats and have plenty of opportunities to learn and grow. I like learning new things and applying myself. I also like an environment where I get to see the results of my work implemented and appreciated. To this date, I have chosen well. I wish you the same luck.

Rogers Market said...

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tryanarnold said...

If it was me, I'd go with friends and family. Sometimes the happiness and security you can get from loved one balances out making less money. I'd rather be poor and loved than rich and lonely.