October 17, 2004

What a weekend...

First, I found out that our GIS database is completely corrupted after our failure-resistant RAID 5 configuration had multiple drives simultaneously fail...Now, I find out that we have an odd performance glitch with our PIX box.

We have a pretty secure setup at work. We have the state network firewall first. Any traffic that gets through that is forwarded to our PIX box. We have a DMZ set up with the web server inside of it.

If I do performance tests on static pages on the server over a LAN connection, I get about 1,100 requests per second (rps) from the web server. However, that same test into the DMZ drops over a hundred fold to under 10 rps. On dynamic pages, our 600 rps max drops to about 7 rps.

It's even worse outside. We drop to nearly 3 rps to the outside world.

Hopefully, I can get this fixed this week.

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