October 12, 2004

Last Comic Pre-Empted

UPDATE: Evidently, it wasn't KSL's fault. However, since KSL-TV has pulled this kind of pre-censorship in the past, I'm leaving this up.

Over the summer and the last few weeks, my family has come to know the joy that is "Last Comic Standing." Tonight at 7 o'clock Mountain is the third season finale, when we find out which comedian will get the $250,000 prize. Actually, we won't, because KSL-TV (Channel 5) has determined that this TV-14 program is too mature for Utah audiences, and therefore will not show it. Instead, we will be shown a KSL-produced special on the history of Yellowstone.

KSL-TV is unique in the broadcasting business, as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is a majority owner of the station. As such, it gets preferential treatment when it comes to LDS Church interviews and broadcasts (for example, General Conference), and the Church's point of view pervades the entire broadcast lineup.

KSL is also an NBC affiliate, but they seem to believe that Utahns are so developmentally impaired that they cannot view a stand-up comedy program without bursting out in a heathen orgy of carnal delight.

At this time, I would like to quote from the "KSL 5 Statement Of Programming."

We believe that it is inappropriate for self-appointed organizations to dictate what programs KSL 5—or any other broadcaster—should provide.
Likewise, I believe that it is inappropriate for a local broadcaster to think to little of its viewers as to preemptively censor a broadcast without providing solid reasons for doing so, or at least rescheduling the broadcast to a later time when viewers with I.Q.'s higher than their shoe size can determine for themselves whether or not that broadcaster made the correct choice.

So, if you are reading this blog entry and live outside of the Utah Soviet Socialist Republic, please feel free to post who won as a reply, because it's quite obvious that whoever won, Utah's viewers lost.

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