October 21, 2004

Utah Politics: "No" On Amendment 3 [Updated]

Update: Changed "Initiative 3" to "Amendment 3" in the interest of accuracy.

Election day is coming up, and most Utahns are still trying to figure out which gubernatorial candidate to vote for. In addition, we have a very odd constitutional amendment on the ballot this year...Amendment 3.

The summary for Amendment 3 is as follows:
Shall the Utah Constitution be amended to provide that:
(1) marriage consists only of the legal union between a man and a woman; and
(2) no other domestic union may be recognized as a marriage or given the same or
substantially equal legal effect?
I can't back this constitutional amendment at all. Frankly, I think that it's bad law to single out a single classification of people for preferential treatment in the eyes of the law. I also think it's horrible for our state to try to amend our constitution to take a political stand on something that is currently working its way through the court system.

The United States Constitution really has three roles. It defines the duties of the government, the limits of government power, and establishes guaranteed rights to the citizens of the United States. The last time that the Constitution was amended in an effort to prohibit behavior, it failed miserably.

Besides, I believe a simple truth. "Be careful what you ask for...you just might get it." If gay and lesbian couples want to get married, go ahead and give them the right to marry. Then, as the years go by and more and more of these couples start filing for divorce and have to give away half of what they own, pay alimony and child support, and frankly have a miserable afterperiod to their relationship, simply remind them that they got exactly what they wanted. While they got the right to marry, they also got all of the responsibilities that went along with it.

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