October 22, 2004

Weird Web Browser Stats

Usually, we hear about web stats from technology-specific companies. I thought I'd share some web stats from my personal site as well as from my work website, because they're quite different than what I expected.

First off, work. 95.8% of our visitors are running a version of
Windows. 0.9% of our visitors are running a Macintosh. 3.1% are
running "Unknown."

Of our Windows visitors (percentages are of total visitors), 64.9% are
running Windows XP. 11.2% are running Windows 2000. 7.3% are running
Windows Server 2003. 5.8% are running Windows 98. 4.6% are running
Windows Me. And finally, 1.7% are running Windows NT.

For browsers, 90.1% are running Internet Explorer. 6.1% are running
Netscape, and 3.2% are running Mozilla. The rest look like bots or

For IE versions, we get 86.5% running 6.0, 1.7% running 5.01, 0.9% running
5.23 and 0.8% running 5.5. For Netscape versions, 4.5% running 7.1, 0.7%
running both 7.0 and 7.2, and 2 (people, not stragglers) running 5.0.

Aside from the fact that we have a large percentage of our visitors running Windows Server 2003, this seemed like a pretty standard pattern. Things change a bit for my personal site.

For operating systems, 95.2% of my visitors are running Windows. 1%
are running Linux. The rest are "unknown."

Within Windows, 38.5% are running Windows XP, 54.5% are running Windows
2000 and 1% is running Windows NT.

For browsers, 88.6% are running Internet Explorer, 5.4% are running
Netscape, 0.6% are Galeon, 0.4% are running Opera, and 0.2% are running

Within IE, 56.2% are running 5.01, 43.4% are running 6.0 and 1 straggler is
running 5.5. Within Netscape, 84.6% are running 5.0 and the rest are
running 6.2.1.

One thing that really surprised me was the sheer number of people running IE 5. This isn't exactly the safest browser on the face of the planet to run. That surprised me almost as much as the number of people who are visiting the city site who are running Windows Server 2003.

On the Windows side, I'll have to see if I can get AWStats to spit out information on what version of the .NET Framework is installed.

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