October 18, 2004

ISV Buddy Bye-Bye...

On a highly regrettable note, my Microsoft ISV Buddy was laid off from Microsoft on Friday, October 15. Due to a mail transition going on here at work, I didn't get the message until about ten minutes ago.

The message was pretty short and to the point.
I got laid off today. So sorry you are going to have to find a new buddy.
Take care Mike,
[name withheld]
It's rather regrettable, to be honest with you. I don't know what kind of performer he was in his group, but I do know that he helped me through several sticky development problems even while he was on his six-week internal job hunt.

If anyone in the Redmond, Washington area is looking for an excellent tester, please let me know. I'll forward the information to this gentleman in hopes that he can continue on in this industry.

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