October 16, 2004

Taking the Media Center PC Plunge

I finally ordered my HP Media Center PC today from ECost.

I took the plunge for a few reasons. First off, it's been nearly two years since I upgraded my home machine. Given that I used to upgrade every three to six months, that's a lifetime to me.

Second, I'm supposed to be finding out very shortly if I will be re-entering the video game industry. If I am, I'm going to be moving ahead of my wife. Having a Media Center PC will reduce what I have to bring along with me. Instead of having to bring a PC, TV, VCR, DVD player, radio and seperate sound system, I'll just have to bring my Media Center PC and the 5.1 speaker set I have for my computer.

Third, the Media Center PC I ordered is one of the ones included in HP's limited time upgrade offer to MCE 2005.

Finally, I don't currently TiVO, and I never get home in time to watch "CSI" on SpikeTV, and "Mythbusters" is on too late for me. Since both are on non-digital cable channels, I *should* be able to use MCE to record them.

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