October 7, 2004

Browser Bugs

We get a lot of questions at the city about why our website isn't flashier. The simplest explanation is that it is extremely difficult to come up with a dynamic website that looks great, is accessible, and is bug free regardless of the type of browser you are using.

For example, I visit http://www.codeproject.com on a regular basis. I get a lot of great code from them. But, their forum dropdown has a bug in IE 6.0 SP1.

Drop down conflict

As you can see, the dropdown for the number of posts to show is overwriting the dropdown to select the forum. As a result, you can't even tell which forum that is supposed to be. (It's supposed to be SQL/ADO/ADO.NET.)

Until simple things like this can be done easily and relatively bug-free, we'll be sticking with a simple website.

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